Upgrade your Restaurant or Bar to a Fee Defense System.

Our Restaurant FDS will give your business more functionality w/ Fee Defender baked right in. So you can also totally eliminate your payment processing bill.

Built to help save you money and run the house, front to back.

Designed for Restaurants, by Restaurateurs.

Our software was built with the input of other restaurants just like yours. So our offering has been custom-built to support your restaurant's workflow, whatever it may be. 

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  • Split Checks

    Your customers can split the check into a number (for example, four people, four checks) or simply by seating position.

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  • Time Management

    Employees can clock in or out using a pin or scan in or out using a QR Code. You can also print sales reports from their hours worked.

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  • Offline Mode

    If your internet goes out don't worry about it, you can continue to run your restaurant. Every sale is still protected and processed securely.

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  • Reporting from Anywhere

    View reports for back stock, tips, employees, performance, products, sales, transactions, and more anytime from anywhere.

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Menu Management

Service Area Management

Service Efficiency

Customer Management

Restaurant & Bar // Hardware
Built for speed and efficiency. 

Fee Defender can be powered up on an iPad or Android tab. Then, simply add any necessary equipment your business requires.

Everything you need, just a tap away.

Our software comes equipped with countless features and tools that will help your bar or restaurant tap into it's true potential. 


Service Area Management

Service areas are available for dine-in areas (patios, bars, and more), takeout, and delivery. Service area reporting offers revenue reports on the different service areas.

Manage your service areas according to your specific business needs and workflows.

Positioning / Coursing

Input orders by seat position or more simply by course. Fire any combination of positions or courses at different times to the kitchen based on your preference. 

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Bar Tabs

Start a tab with a customers credit card by swiping or manually inputing the card data. This feature helps your bartender keep the bar running efficiently.

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Integrated Caller ID

Easily track all incoming calls with integrated Caller ID. Track customer details and previous orders for any caller with a registered phone number.

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Integrated Online Ordering

Take your business online with our integrated online ordering. With full modifiers, notifications, and customer pick-up or delivery options, we make online ordering simple and effective.


Kitchen Display System

Increase Productivity w/ Seamless Communication

Make it easier for the front of house to communicate with the kitchen, and vice versa. No more delayed orders with the real time KDS.

Stride the Meal

Pace the meal perfectly by giving your expo visibility into order status across all prep stations throughout the restaurant.

Modification Alerts

To delight your customers, our KDS puts modification and allergy information front and center for kitchen staff to ensure the safety of all guests.


Tight on cash flow? No worries, we don't require any upfront cash.

KickFees has made it super simple for you get started with no money out of your pocket.

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Fee Defender for Bar's & Restaurants

Simple, Sophisticated and Powerful.

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