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At the Counter - In the Aisle - At the Table - Curbside - Fairs, Conferences, and Festivals - Customer's Doors


PAX A920 Smart Wireless 

The PAX A920 is especially powerful because of its built-in 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

And since it has so many use cases, it means that it’s the perfect smart payment terminal for a wide variety of businesses, including retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks.

 Going one step further, it’s also great for medical offices and even contractors who go door to door.

Powerful, Sleek, & Feature Packed

The A920 smart payment terminal is elegantly designed, making it a stand out among its peers.

With a large 5-inch HD color touchscreen, neatly hidden thermal printer and 10 hour battery life....if you're looking to upgrade, the A920 should be at the top of your list.

$419 or Just $40/mo Live Demo

Easy and powerful software for any business.

At the Counter - In the Aisle - At the Table - Curbside - Fairs, Conferences, and Festivals


Accept all payment types without limitation on the A920 & A80.

NFC contactless for mobile and wallet payments, electronic signature capture, EMV chip, & magnetic swipe.


PAX A80 Smart Countertop

Always running at peak performance, full connectivity means the A80 is a reliable workhorse that will process payments safely and fast, even during the busiest hours.

Versatile enough to work as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal thanks to its optional battery backup.

Fast, Reliable, and Compact

The A80 offers a compact footprint giving you more space on the counter with a 4-inch high-resolution touchscreen with durable physical keypad.

Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity for dependable performance that simply plugs right into the wall. The A80 is affordable and loaded with our powerful cloud-based functionality.

$275 or Just $20/mo Live Demo

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