Our Mission

Defend your business from unnecessary payment processing expenses without sacrificing quality hardware, software, or your unique payment acceptance workflows.

Built on passion and integrity.

Laser focused on providing our customers a high-quality experience built around honesty, product knowledge, and deeply rooted industry expertise (since the mid 90's). KickFees aims to offer a superior payment platform that not only out-performs the competition, but eliminates a major expense for all its customers.


Our customers needs are always the primary focus. Team members are coached to listen and provide all customers clear and concise information so they can make informed accurate decisions.

Product Expertise

All businesses and payment workflows can be unique. For this reason, all of our team members are trained to be product & software experts to provide the best possible payment solution(s).

Industry Expertise

Everyday you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your business, we understand. We want to use our 30+ years of experience to help you defend it from expensive payment fees.