F O O D   &  B E V E R A G E

Accept payments at the table, in-line or online.

Take every kind of payment safely and securely, even for delivery or curbside pickup. Trusted by over 85,000+ merchants!

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Hardware for selling anywhere.

The power of commerce exactly where you need it. From the counter-top to the palm of your hand, accepting payments has never been easier.


Pro Grade Devices

Defend your business from payment fees on battle tested commercial grade hardware. Built for consistency you can count on.

Fee Defender™ can be deployed on any of our supported devices, allowing you to defend your business from anywhere!

One Software. Many Devices

Simple enough to get you up and running in minutes. Powerful enough to save you time and money day after day.

Software for selling anything.

Our feature rich software is simple enough to get you up and running in minutes, yet powerful enough to save you time and money day after day.

Save Customer Information

Streamline your marketing efforts.

• Track customer purchase history.
• Save customer info in one convenient place.
• Keep customer cards on file for convenience.
• Deliver a superior customer experience.

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3 Way Receipts

Print and send customized receipts.

• Print receipts from your computer.
• Send receipts by email or text.
• Print with optional receipt printer.
• Customize receipts with your logo and info.

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Track your inventory and best sellers.

• Track your inventory in real time.
• Manage and grow your business with ease.
• Automatically syncing to the cloud.
• Custom reports including top-selling items.

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Tipping Options

Offer customers more tipping options.

• Set custom tip amounts ($ or %).
• Send receipts with tip via email or text.
• Turn tips on or off anytime.
• Easy tip management tools.

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Payment Links

Accept online payments for anything you sell.

• Easily create and share payment links.
• Sell on IG, Facebook, or Twitter just paste a link.
• Send Payment Links via email or text.
• Put "Buy Now" buttons on your website.
• No special software or plugins needed.

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Alerts / Notifications

Get automatic notifications when you need them.

• When inventory runs low.
• Every time you make a sale.
• Daily Sales Reports.

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Choose your hardware and run your business with our software.

Choose your hardware and processing rate and receive our industry leading software.

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Track employee

sales and tips.

Manage and improve your team.

• Easily track employee metrics.
• Track total number of sales by employee.
• Track total dollar amount of sale by employee.
• Track tips collected by employee.
• Customize reports for any time period.

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Save time with reporting tools.

• Create custom reports on demand.
• Easily customize your reports.
• Export reports for QuickBooks, Excel, & others.
• Simplify tax time.

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Payment Processing Rates

KickFees offers multiple options for credit card processing rates. Choose between FREE unlimited processing and simple flat rate programs.

Unlimited Payments from $29/mo

Harness the power of Fee Defender and eliminate your credit card processing bill by offering two-prices to your customers.

2-Price Program Explained
2.69% + $0.10 per in-person transaction

Enjoy a simple flat rate for all in-store card present transactions. No more murkiness, just a simple flat rate.

Flat Rate Breakdown