Accept Unlimited Payments with zero processing fees.

At the Counter - In the Aisle - At the Table - Online - Invoices - Curbside - Fairs, Conferences, and Festivals - Customer's Doors - Anywhere


Eliminate card fees on all transactions and get paid more on every sale!

The fees and rates charged by credit card processors can be confusing, but they're also critical to your business.

Every time you accept a credit card online or in person, you pay a fee for the privilege of accepting that customer's payment. These fees add up quickly!

It's time to offer your customers two prices.

We know most businesses don't want to charge all their customers extra fees. By offering your customers the optional card price or a lower cash price you can keep your prices low while also covering the continual rising cost of payment processing fees.

Lower Cash Price

You can benefit from offering customers a cash price because it allows you to keep the prices of your products low, while incentivizing the use of cash for payment.

What makes KickFees so different?

We do things a little differently, here's a quick overview of just a few unqiue offerings.

First 30 Days Free

We understand that change can be scary, but there is no need to be scared you'll get the first 30 days free! Cancel anytime, no strings attached.

Zero Dollars Upfront

No need to purchase your equipment upfront you can simply rent it from us. Full point of sale or a simple payment terminals, rent it for a low monthly payment.

Net Zero Deposits

Next day deposits free of all processing fees. No more large withdrawal from your account or daily sales. Cash sale or card sale, you make the same amount.

Connections / Integrations

Easily connect Fee Defender w/ Fee Shield into your current platforms & point of sale systems! No new hardware or processes, just total fee elimination.

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Fee Shield™ Junk Defense

This cool technology analyzes your monthly processing statement straight from the processors and sends instant refunds when we catch them charging you junk fees.

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30+ Years Experience

All this tech and industry knowledge doesn't come from newbies, we've been at this quite awhile. We'll deliver on the most important part of your business, your payments.

KickFees Mission

”I was a bit skeptical but after my call with a Fee Defender, I decided to give the 30 days free a go. It's been awesome, works as advertised!

NO MORE BILL... Still can't believe I dont have to pay that bill anymore! Thanks KickFees!“

Doug owns a automotive and tire shop, he has not paid a payment bill since switching to Fee Defender™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I accept all card types?

Yes, not only can you accept all major card types, You'll be protected from even the most expensive card swipes.

I dont think my customers will like two-prices, will I lose business?

This question comes up fairly often, the answer is very simple. When customers are presented with options they are very understanding and after years of research you can feel confident that you will not experience customer loss when implementing our two-price model.

Do I have change all my prices?

No, you will not be required to change your prices, Fee Defender software will create all your card prices for you.

How will I notify my customers?

You'll be provided door stickers and signage to notify your customers of your new pricing model and that cash discounts are now available.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service it's month to month, you can cancel anytime without penalty. Just send your equipment back and we'll part as friends.

If it's free processing why do i have monthly bill?

There are 2 components to your monthly bill, Fee Defender and the whatever hardware / software you may need to run your business.

Fee Defender is $29 which helps us run our program and service your account, your final bill will ultimiately be determined once you decide on your hardware and software.