Automatic protection from
un-noticed bank fees with
Fee Shield™

Developed to defend businesses against any additional charges being passed by banks or their network partners.


You may or may not know…

When you decided to accept credit cards from your customers you were more then likely quoted a "rate" for processing all your payments. This "quoted" rate traditionally will be a percentage of the transaction amount and possibly coupled with a transaction fee.

But in most cases all the "other fees" being charged by the bank networks are not being quoted out to you. Mostly because its an impossible task due to the fees changing rapidly and being controlled by the banks. This puts you the business owner at a disadvantange.


At the end of every month Fee Shield will analyze your payment processing statement looking for any over-billings or junk fees from the bank network.


Once junk fees are identified on your monthly processing statement, they are isolated and sent for refund approval and ACH initiation. 


Once Fee Shield has confirmed the presence of junk fees on your processing statement, we will initiate a direct bank deposit for the over-billing.

Say Goodbye
to Junk Fees
Fee Shield will protect your business from the following junk fees.
  • Association Fees
  • Annual Fees
  • Non-Swipe Fees
  • Dues & Assessments
  • Program Fees
  • Fan F Fees
  • Location Fees
  • PCI Fees (Compliance & Non-Compliance)

Fee Shield Protection

Fee Shield was developed to programmatically analyze payment processing statements and defend business owners from additional charges being pass by the banks and their network partners.

To the right, you will see a list of all the charges Fee Shield will protect you from.

Fee Shield protects you from some of the most costly junk fees charged by the banks.