Upgrade your Payment Terminal to include Fee Defender.

Our payment terminals include Fee Defender baked right in. So you can totally upgrade and eliminate your payment processing bill.

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Payment Devices
Countertop, Wireless, or Mobile

Fee Defender has been deployed on our stand alone terminal options. Whether you require a countertop, wireless, or mobile terminal we've got you covered.

By offering your customers a cash price and a credit price, you can defend your business.

Move to a cash based pricing model.

Gas stations and government have been taking advantage of this for quite some time. A cash based pricing model will allow you to eliminate your payment processing fees.


Credit card rates will continue to increase twice a year, every year. 

With Fee Defender your fees will always be covered despite increasing rates.


Tight on cash flow? No worries, we don't require any upfront cash.

KickFees has made it super simple for you get started with no money out of your pocket.

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