You've asked we've listened, now enjoy a low monthly payment for hardware, software, and payment processing fees.

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Choose whether you'd like to accept online payments, utilize a payment terminal, or dive into one of our Fee Defense Systems™ formally known as a POS.

Online Payment Form

only $39

Perfect for accepting a simple payment from your customer. Simply add a link to any website, email, or text message for your customers payment.

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Payment Terminals

from $49

Defend Your Business from payment fees on a countertop, wireless, or mobile payment device. No money out of pocket and the first 30 days are completely free!

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Fee Defense Systems™

** from $84

Upgrade your business to a Fee Defense System, our software is feature packed and built to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.

What is a Fee Defense System?

The FIRST 30 days are
on Fee Defender!

Hesitant or think this is too good to be true? It's ok, you're not alone, take the first 30 days to try us out. If you don't like it, cancel it.

** Offer not valid on FDS systems.**

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Simple & Easy to Use

Simply share a link to your customers. Your customers click the link, enter their payment info and submit their payment.

Notifications & Email Receipts

Get push / email notifications containing e-receipts when your customers submit a payment to you.

Customized with your Branding

Our payment form becomes yours with custom branding, complete with your logo and custom messaging.

Capture Important Information

Whether you need to know the invoice number or the property address of your payee, we cant capture that info for you.

Online Payments

only $39/mo

Includes online payment submissions, e-receipts, and a simple link you can share with customers for payment.

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Countertop, Mobile, & Wireless

Whether you're processing payments on a wired countertop terminal in a back office or at the park in a food truck we can help!

Secure & EMV Compliant

Trust our secure EMV certified line of payment devices with NFC Contactless payments, and a color Touch Screen.

Digital Signatures and E-Receipts

Go green by offering your customers digital receipts for their payments. Simply digitally sign, process the payment and go!

Accept Contactless Payments

Our terminals give you the ability to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave,  and MasterCard PayPass.

Payment Terminals

from $49

Includes the payment terminal, Fee Defender service plan, and online back office reporting.

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Upgrade Your Business

Increase productivity and run your business more effectively for a fraction of what it costs for a competitor system. Oh and all your payment fees are paid for as well.

Industry Agnostic

Whether you're in the restaurant, retail, or quick service business, our Fee Defense Systems will save you money and streamline your business.

Bells and Whistles

Whether you're a retail store that wants to easily engage your customers or a restaurant that wants to offer an ordering kiosk, we've got you covered.

Fee Defender Integration

With Fee Defender built directly into our Fee Defense Systems™ you'll not only get to run your business more efficiently, you'll also eliminate your payment fees.

Fee Defense System's

** from $84

This price can include hardware, software, and payment processing fees all in one low monthly fee.

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