Upgrade your Quick Service business to a Fee Defense System.

Our Quick Service FDS will give your business more functionality w/ Fee Defender baked right in. So you can also totally eliminate your payment processing bill.

Built to help you save money and run your business with speed and ease.

Our software is Simple, Sophisticated, and Powerful

Don't let our easy to use interface fool you. This software is packed with features to help you run your business with speed and ease.

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  • Dine In, To-Go, or Delivery?

    Accept and manage your dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders all in one place. Making order creation simple and effective.

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  • Faster Checkout's

    A smooth user interface paired with on-screen signatures, will offer your customers faster checkouts. They can quickly pay and be on their way.

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  • Customer Facing Display

    Eliminate confusion and streamline your checkout process by giving your customers the ability to review their orders before payment. 

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  • Customer Relationships

    Save customer contact details and purchase history. This allows you to understand your most valuable asset along with sales trends.

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Time Management

Promotions & Discounts

Online Ordering

Employee Management


Quick Service w/ Delivery?

Check out our dedicated delivery features like driver dispatch, tip outs, and more.

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Quick Service // Hardware Bundles

Fee Defender can be powered up on an iPad or Android tab. Then, simply add any necessary equipment your business requires.

simple on-boarding! From installing to going live, the process is quick and easy. We understand time is important for any business. Check Pricing

Quick Service // Pizza Delivery

We tailored our system to fit the needs of your pizzeria. Through market research and pizzeria feedback we've developed a robust platform just for you!


Customer Management

Keep a record of all your customers along with their personal details, total expenditure, loyalty points, previous orders, saved cards and customer specific notes.

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Delivery Driver Assignment

Choose from a list of all available drivers and assign them to any order. The driver will get notified automatically along with the details and map to the delivery address.

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Integrated Caller ID

Easily track all incoming calls with our integrated Caller ID feature. Track customer details and previous orders for any caller with a registered phone number.

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Tight on cash flow? No worries, we don't require any upfront cash.

KickFees has made it super simple for you get started with no money out of your pocket.

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Fee Defender for Quick Service

Simple, Sophisticated and Powerful.

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