Pretty Paws Grooming

Taylor, the owner of Pretty Paws decided she needed to implement the Ultra Program, so she could re-invest the savings into providing a better environment for her four legged patrons.

Case Study: Pretty Paws Grooming

Taylor Timmons of Pretty Paws Grooming has been the owner going on 12 years. In that 12 years she hasn't always accepted credit cards, she began by only accepting cash from her customers. Although, they continued to ask to use their credit cards daily and she knew it was time to offer credit card payments as a service to her customers.

When Taylor first started accepting credit cards she was blown away by the expense and financial burden it put on her business, she instantly noticed a lower rolling balance in her business bank account and a LARGE withdrawl at the end of every month.

What started as a decision to provide a service to my customers, ended up costing me over $1,600 a month...every single month. That's close to a $20,000 a year expense for my business...crazy!

After 6 years of offering this service to accept her customers credit cards, Taylor found the KickFees Ultra Program. The Ultra Program allowed her to free herself from these fees that have taken about $120,000 from her business over the last 6 years. The Ultra program has allowed Taylor to give her employee's bonuses, and re-invest it into advertising for her business.