Bars, shops and chains oh my!

Whether you're accepting credit card payments at your mobile food truck, brick and mortar retail shop, or at a 50 location franchise. Ultra will eliminate your fees.

4 Simple Steps to Ultra Fee Elimination


Decide you've had enough.

If you're anything like the thousands of merchants that have chosen to eliminate their fees, you're probably tired of giving away profits to fund high value reward and cash back credit cards that are being swiped in your business. Credit card companies sell big value to consumers and you end up paying the bill.

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Cash is King.

Take the burden of credit card fees off of your business. When an authorized KickFees merchant accepts a credit or debit card for payment, the KickFees Ultra Program takes over and helps you offset the cost of processing. Ultimately encouraging customers to pay with cash or check.

KickFees Ultra Program

NO Monthly Withdrawal, It's all yours!

Unlike traditional processing programs that make a withdrawal for fees at the end of each month, KickFees pays your fees every day and deposits money after they have been paid. So this eliminates the need to make a large withdrawal at the end of the month.

KickFees Ultra Program

Live free of FEES.

When you choose the KickFees Ultra Program your business can rid itself of the expense of payment processing fees. On average KickFees is saving business owners over $12,000 per year! In some cases over $20,000 per year, we have even seen business owners give employee bonuses with the savings. The choice is yours, but it begins by kicking your fees to the curb.

KickFees Ultra Program

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Ultra Program in Action

See how Pretty Paws Pet Grooming was able to save over $20,000 per year by implementing Ultra in their grooming business. Also find out what they choose to do with this new found money!

Pretty Paws Case Study

Getting Started is Easy.

If your ready to take the next step towards total fee elimination simply click below to get started with the Ultra Program.The process begins with a simple conversation with a KickFees expert.

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