Accept a simple Online Payment from your customer.

Our Online Payment platform will give you the ability to accept online payments w/Fee Defender baked right in. So you will totally eliminate your payment processing bill.

A simple online payment form.
Built for simplicity and ease. 

Fee Defender's online payment form can be used for a multitude of different business types. From home inspection services to maintenance companies our easy to use payment form make acceptance a breeze.

In need a simple online payment form?

Our branded online payment forms are great way for your company to accept payments from your customers.

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  • Simple Link

    Simply link a button on your website, invoice, or email a link directly to your customer for payment.

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  • Instant Notifications

    After your customer makes a payment you'll instantly receive a notification making you aware of the submission.

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  • E-Receipts

    After your customer makes their payment you'll both be sent an electronic receipt detailing the details of the payment.

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  • Totally Customized

    From the details collected to your company logo, our online payment forms are totally customized to your business needs.

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Tight on cash flow? No worries, we don't require any upfront cash.

KickFees has made it super simple for you get started with no money out of your pocket.

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