Upgrade your Legacy POS and integrate with Fee Defender.

A seamless, secure way to upgrade your legacy POS to EMV & Fee Defender. Brought to you from our partners at SoftPoint.

Built to help you save money and secure your business.

Designed for You
by Restaurateurs.

A suite of security tools embedded into your PCI & Point to Point Encrypted EMV payment terminal that offers savings and new ways of taking payments securely.

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  • Enjoy Mobility

    A wireless point-of-sale device with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, allowing you to accept your payments from anywhere in your location.

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  • Safeguard Transactions

    Security features built into the chip reduce lost, stolen and counterfeit fraud unlike traditional magnetic stripe transactions.

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  • Store and Forward

    “Store and Forward” capability so guests can continue to pay even if the restaurant loses its internet connectivity.

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  • Table Side Ordering

    By allowing your servers to order table side, it gives them more time on the floor with customers and less time running back to insert orders.

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Seamlessly secure your business.

Our software comes equipped with countless features and tools that will help your bar or restaurant upgrade its security and customer expereince. 

Chargeback Defense

Quickly become EMV compliant by accepting chip cards, save money each month by avoiding chargebacks and any associated fees.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Empowers guests to split checks, auto-calculate tip and complete the payment process directly from their table, when and how they choose.

Accept More Payments

Accept magnetic stripe, EMV chip, Gift Cards, PayPal, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with our smart terminal.


Tight on cash flow? No worries, we don't require any upfront cash.

KickFees has made it super simple for you get started with no money out of your pocket.

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Let's Defend your Business!

Accept chip cards and eliminate the payment fees.

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